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My name is Narelle and here you will find a collection of my writing, images and videos capturing my journey and travels around the world. You can weave them together or read and watch independently. My aim is to take beautiful images, create unique videos and write interesting articles.

I have always enjoyed traveling, most people I know do. Like many, I love going to new and interesting places with different climates, foods, cultures, and languages.

I even get pleasure from the weird and wonderful commutes and convoluted transits. Sometimes I even wish the bus or train ride was longer so I can take in more of the wonderful and fascinating glimpses of what's happening in the world I pass through as it flashes by.

I always want to stay longer; not once have I ever uttered the words "It's always nice to come home" or "It's nice to be back in my own bed". In fact, it is usually only a matter of hours in a new city or town before I start to imagine what it might be like to live there or spend some time there as a local.

I am also a full time traveling house sitter, to find out more go to my website petandplantpoppins.com Here you will find everything you need to know about house sitting. If you are a house sitter, home and pet owner or want to find out how to get started as a house sitter in your home city, state or internationally.

Contact me if you would like to publish any of my articles, pictures or videos or have an idea that you would like me to capture.

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nextstopnarelle.com links my travel articles with my gallery of images and travel videos. They all come from my own personal experiences having traveled first hand in these destinations.

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